Before and After School Care Program

We pride ourselves on offering a quality before and after school programme for our (not so) little ones. We offer plenty of opportunity for relaxation, free play and chill out time. We have a dedicated room and space for our older children and understand and respect their need to relax and regroup. We offer our older children a substantial and healthy afternoon tea with a variety of choices.

During school holidays we love to to take our bigger people on adventures and excursions. We believe school holiday programs should give our little (and not so little!) people plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors and the community around them. We intentionally keep costs down for our parents, and encourage our children to be active and engaged.

Instead of spending time indoors at structured (and expensive) venues such as movie theatres or bowling lanes, we encourage our children to play in the park, build their own cubby houses and create their own artistic masterpieces. If we choose to visit places that incur an extra cost we ensure the cost is as minimal as possible. We also ensure that the activity is meaningful and has opportunities for ‘hands on’ and active experiences.

Vacation Care

In addition to general childcare services, we also offer before, after school and vacation care. Below is the program we ran for the June/July school holidays and images of our (not so) little ones enjoying all of the wonderful activities they took part in!

We offer both collection and drop off services to and from Rawlinson Primary School, Alinjarra Primary School and Illawarra Primary School.