Our Environment

We have a dedicated babies room, toddler room, kindy space and dedicated before and afterschool care room.

Our environments are designed to be warm, welcoming and nurturing. We have created a home away from home where you and your little can person feel comfortable, safe, happy and inspired.

We use natural colours and textures through out the centre. Our rooms are spacious and provide plenty of opportunities for learning and inspiration.

Our indoor and outdoor environments are free flowing and designed to engage your little person’s intellect and interest. We believe in creating joyous spaces that will inspire and delight your child. Music, art, dance and story time are part of our every day experiences.

Research definitively demonstrates play as an essential part your little person’s learning process and journey of discovery about the world. We actively encourage play, using natural, open ended materials. Items such as wooden blocks, pine cones, clay, sand, water, everyday kitchen utensils, dress up costumes and home corner items are marvellous resources for encouraging emotional and physical development in your little person.