Our Philosophy

We respect the rights of children.

We believe that all children have the right to a safe, nurturing and caring environment.

Fun and enjoyment are essential.

We understand children should be given the freedom to play, learn and develop in a stimulating and comfortable space.

Each child’s learning journey is based on their individual interests, strengths and needs.

We celebrate diversity and difference.

All members of our community are treated equally regardless of race, gender or religion.

We recognise and value the primary role that family plays in each child’s life.

Families are entitled to daily communication and information about their child’s activities and involvement.

Every family has the right to discuss any issues they may have in an non-judgemental and operative manner.

Communication between parents, staff and children will always be respectful and positive.

We appreciate the faith and trust families place with us while we are caring for their children.

We will endeavour to meet and exceed our families expectations.

We will maintain positive, respectful and caring relationships with all members of our community at all times.